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We're a boutique career strategy and leadership development firm based in Denver, Colorado—USA. William S. Frank (Bill) is the founder and principal consultant. He's easy-to-reach, easy-to-talk-to. He's been doing this a long time.

Bill does one thing right: he helps businesspeople maximize their careers. That's it. Nothing else. He works nationally in-person or by phone. Companies hire him and so do forward-thinking individuals. Since 1978, 357 brand-name corporations, small businesses, non-profits, and educational institutions have hired Bill to provide Testing & Assessment, Executive Coaching, and Outplacement.

    As President of Coors Microlithics, William A. Rector used our outplacement services for his departing employees. When Bill left Coors himself, we were the first people he called for advice. We helped him assume the Presidency of Industry Network Corporation in New Mexico. Four years later, we assisted in his job campaign to become President/COO of The Kemtah Group. To this day, Bill Rector describes CareerLab as "a small personal firm that cares."

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