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Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians.
Quiz: How Long Will Your Career Transition or Job Search Take?
Career Transition Flow Chart
Should I Go Back to School?
Step One: A Simple "Brain Dump"
How to Find a Career Direction
Instructions for CareerDiagnosis™ Exercises [Items 1-3 below.]
  1. Likes and Dislikes: Hidden Keys to Your Happiness
  2. How to Create a Career Blueprint
  3. Picture the Ideal First Month on Your Next Job


  1. Curriculum Vitae [C.V] versus Résumé
  2. Yes, You Need a Terrific Resume
  3. The Rules of the Resume Game
  4. Chronological Resume Worksheets  |  How to Complete the Worksheets
  5. Showcase Your "Home Run" Accomplishments
  6. Pack Every Word With Power
  7. A Physician's Resume Agony
Cover Letters
Look here to find the FIRST and BEST cover letters on the Internet
FREE how-to articles are included.

Headhunters and Executive Recruiters
The best way to find and contact executive recruiters
Follow-up to Electronic Recruiter Mailing


  1. Simple Closing Comments Create Job Offers
  2. Example: Closing Comments and Interview Agenda for a Cardiologist
  3. Example: Closing Comments for a Surgical Oncologist
  4. Create a One-Page Interview Presentation Sheet
  5. Difficult Interview Questions You Must Answer
  6. Mini-MBA: Buzzwords, Cliches, and Business Terms 
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