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The Word Outplacement on a Keyboard
The Difficult or High-Risk Termination
This is a tough one. You've reached your limit and are ready to fire a manager or executive in your company. Yet, two things keep you awake at night:
  1. You're closely connected to the person leaving the organization. They're a personal friend, or a well-liked, long-term employee. In a family business, they might even be your brother, father, son or daughter.
  2. If the train goes off the tracks, there's the likelihood of damage to the business through litigation, workplace violence, or a public relations disaster.
You're really sweating this one out.

Your gut instinct is correct: difficult, sensitive terminations shouldn't be scheduled overnight. The key to a smooth transition is planning—lots of planning.

Most corporations would take a hard line. They'd simply terminate the non-performer and hand them a generous severance package, complete with legal releases. But that wouldn't work for you.

You're different. You value such intangibles as honesty, integrity, and fairness. And you'd like to see a win/win solution to your dilemma.

You need help, and we're here to help you. As you face a difficult or high-risk outplacement, consider engaging us as your partner. Having managed executive terminations and transitions since 1978, we're well-experienced in the strategies and tactics of successful change.

Sometimes we can script it so that the departing employee thinks that leaving is their own idea. We call that "Firing Without Firing." It's magical. It's beautiful. Whatever your circumstances, we'll make sure the transition goes as smoothly as possible by doing it right the first time. Because in this case you only get one chance.

Give us a call to discuss specifics. To learn more about how we can help you plan and implement a layoff, corporate restructuring, downsizing, termination, or re-integration, contact Bill Frank, President/CEO: 303-790-0505 or wsfrank@careerlab.com. | More about our outplacement | Index of articles.


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