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Outplacement is really our forte. In fact, CareerLab® was founded on corporate outplacement, and we've undertaken every conceivable kind of project, from sensitive one-person terminations to 300-person mass layoffs. And since 1978, 355 brand-name corporations, businesses, non-profits, and educational institution—both large and small, across all industries—have hired us to guide them safely and effectively through major oganizational change.

Most importantly, we're experts, not beginners. And our team of consultants and strategic partners has been together for many years. Our unique market position is our expertise. There are bigger firms—but certainly none better.

Regardless of your outplacement situation, no matter how big the emergency or difficult the problem, there's a good chance we've solved it many times before.

As President of Coors Microlithics, William A. Rector used our outplacement services for his departing employees. When Bill left Coors himself, we were the first people he called for advice. We helped him assume the Presidency of Industry Network Corporation in New Mexico. Four years later we assisted in his job campaign to become President/COO of The Kemtah Group. Bill describes CareerLab as "a small personal firm that cares."
  We're a small personal firm that cares.™ And that's what makes us different from our competitors. Our client load is typically 12-20 clients per consultant, compared to 45-50 for many larger firms. Believe it or not, some internet-based outplacement companies assign 200 candidates to one consultant.

Our niche is the small project, say 1-50 employees, usually for a medium- to large-size employer. Most of our individual clients are managers, executives, or professionals earning $100,000+.

Although based in the Colorado Front Range, we work nationally. Therefore, it doesn't matter where you or your former employees are located. We can help. For example, since 1982 we've handled much of the United States outplacement for seven divisions of a $12 billion global oilfield services company, as they downsized from 8,500 employees to 1,800, a 79% workforce reduction. Their field operations are deployed across 15 U.S. cities, and we served them effectively in all locations.

"I worked with Bill while working with a MSEC member company going through layoffs. He did a great job working with employees transitioning out of their long-term employment. He is very approachable and has phenomenal follow-through. It is evident to your employees that he cares. He was able to get people to take advantage of his services that I was SURE would want to pass out of pride."
—Karen Collins, Mountain States Employer's Council
  To my knowledge, none of our client companies have ever been sued by a departing employee (when we helped to plan the project) and none of our corporate clients have suffered a workplace violence incident during a termination. That's remarkable considering today's trend toward litigation and violence. Here's an article about how to prevent violence during downsizing and terminations.

We defuse employee lawsuits by careful planning and skillful counseling. Companies are often sued because they failed to think through a termination from the departing employee's point of view. You'll find an article about how outplacement prevents lawsuits by disgruntled ex-employees right here. And here's an article about the kinds of costly outplacement mistakes that hinder downsizing efforts.

We offer one-on-one outplacement programs for individuals and seminar programs for groups. We work at all levels, from entry-level to the CEO. Everything we do is menu-driven, meaning that you can pick and choose the products and services you want. You don't have to take a canned, off-the-shelf program. Menu pricing means that we charge 25-50% less than major competitors, and still do a better job. Our programs give candidates every conceivable option:

  • Small Business Startup or Purchase
  • Launch of a Consulting Practice
  • Standard Job Search Assistance
  • Retirement Planning, including Financial Management
  • Plus much MORE!

As pioneers in the career management field, we created many of our own career management and job search materials. Several of our products are published by national publishers and sold worldwide. To view some of the FREE job hunting articles used in our outplacement program, look here.

To learn more about how we can help you plan and implement a layoff, corporate restructuring, downsizing, or difficult termination, contact
Bill Frank, President/CEO at 303-790-0505 or wsfrank@careerlab.com.

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