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Example: Closing Comments and Interview Agenda for Cardiologist
by William S. Frank

A successful cardiologist wanted to test the job market by interviewing with major healthcare corporations. As you will see, the interview schedule was aggressive: lots of intense meetings with high-powered people in two different cities in two days. In these situations, it's important to be extremely well-prepared. This is the actual interview schedule and the closing comments we rehearsed in advance.

Interview Agenda—Each Meeting Is One Hour
Here is my interview agenda. Each meeting is one hour. I had not realized they are interviewing me both in Florida and New Jersey on consecutive days.

Thursday, December 16—Cordis in Miami Lakes, FL

  • President Cardiology
  • Director Cardiovascular CIS
  • VP Operations
  • Director Staffing
  • Director Global Marketing New Production Planning
  • Director Global Marketing
  • Executive Director Sales West Region
  • Executive Director Strategic Alliances
  • Last interview - not sure but they added one
Friday, December 17—Johnson & Johnson in Warren, NJ
  • Martin B., MD—Director Mondial Biasense Webster
  • James R., MD—Worldwide VP Medical affairs—Health Economics
  • David B., MD—(phone interview)—Worldwide VP Clinical/Regulatory
Closing Comments
  1. I have met and exceeded similar challenges previously.
  2. I have the discipline, focus, and goal setting skills to get the job done.
  3. I will hit the door running. [That could hurt.]
  4. This sounds like an excellent fit for my skill set.
  5. Setting goals and taking on challenges is my strong suit.
  6. This fast paced environment suits my personality.
  7. Your management philosophy is consistent with mine.
  8. This is a place where I can make a positive impact.
  9. I am a doer, not a watcher.
  10. I believe in your mission.
  11. This opportunity and what I have heard so far energizes me.
Example: Closing Comments for a Surgical Oncologist
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