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Example: Closing Comments for Surgical Oncologist, by William S. Frank

The surgical oncologist had a health problem that stopped him from doing further surgery, so he sought a non-clinical role in a pharmaceutical company. Before he interviewed, we asked him to prepare "closing comments" for each person he would meet. As a result, he received a near-perfect job offer. After accepting the offer the physician said, "I was planning to retire in a year or two, but I like this job so much I'm afraid I won't be able to leave." These are the comments we prepared:

To the Human Resources Executive

  • "I really like the way this company takes care of its own."
  • "I appreciate the thorough job you did in explaining what the company has to offer."
  • "I'm very impressed with the company's focus on its employees."
  • "This is an extremely generous company, and I like that."
  • "I'm glad the company provides educational opportunities."
To my prospective new boss (an MD, PhD in public health)
  • " I like the collegiality of this company."
  • "I like the academic approach."
  • "I like the availability of mentors."
  • "I like the fact that people are willing to teach me."
To the Senior Sales Representative for breast cancer drugs
  • "I like the good that this company is doing for patients with cancer."
  • "I like the ethics and focus on education in the sales division."
  • "I like the straightforward manner in which the advantages of your drugs are presented to physicians".
  • " I like the way the sales forces works with physicians."
To the Senior Medical Director (hiring decision maker)
  • "I like the way you've helped me understand my role in this company"
  • "I like the atmosphere of this company: it's supportive and friendly."
  • "I like the people who work here-I know I'll fit in great here."
  • "It seems like this position was custom made for me, I really like that."
  • "I like the opportunities to learn and grow from the great people who work here."
  • "This company has the feel of a university because it's people are so high quality, and I feel comfortable with that."
  • "I like the opportunity to learn about international business and the pharmaceutical industry worldwide. That's unique, and I really like that about this company."
  • "I like the way you've mentored people in this company."
  • "My background and training makes me a perfect fit for this position."
Example: Closing Comments and Interview Agenda for a Cardiologist.
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