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Instructions for CareerDiagnosis Exercises

Instructions on Blackboard These are three written exercises we use to help our clients gain focus and create a vision or blueprint for their careers.

The exercises work for everyone, from the laborer on the dock to the CEO. They work for General Counsel, Physicians, Medical Directors, and senior executives in every function and industry. They work in the non-profit sector and for college-age students. I have never met a person yet who didn't benefit immensely from these simple self-discovery exercises.
Yet they take time and effort to complete. And that's where we get ourselves into a bind. We feel that career planning should be quick, so we can get on with real life. And we tend to career-plan in a crisis, often just after we've lost a job.
Bookstores today carry hundreds of books to help one focus and choose a career path. But, many of the exercises result in more confusion, rather than less. They help you learn little pieces about what you like, want, and value—they just have trouble assembling the individual pieces into a clear picture: a blueprint or vision.
The exercises, which do create a clear blueprint or vision, are designed to build on each other, so complete them in order. Resist the urge to jump to the final exercise too soon. Doing so can only frustrate and annoy you, like teaching a pig to whistle. To use an analogy: If we were making dinner, exercises one and two help us get the hamburger, green peppers, onions, and bread crumbs out onto the table. In exercise three we get our hands dirty and mix the ingredients together into a meatloaf. There's no use trying to make the meatloaf without having the best ingredients in place.
Although these articles belong together, and build on one another, they were written for publication separately, and out of order. So you will no doubt find some repetition. Certain phrases may seem out of sync. We'll fix that in the future, but in the meantime, we want you to have access to the articles. They're fantastic. They're great. They work!
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"From their errors and mistakes, the wise and good
learn wisdom for the future." —Plutarch

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